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Co-Founder & Owner

Lauren’s story is a bit different than the rest…after a decade of working in a fast-paced career in public relations, she realized that it was the gym that held her passion, not the work being done behind a computer, and thus set out to help change the lives of others looking to better themselves inside and out.

For her — working out and boxing became was a form of therapy so she set out to use her life experiences to inspire, motivate and encourage women to be the best version of themselves through an innovative approach to fitness. Combining her professional expertise of communications and marketing, she paired it with her love for wellness and created a unique fitness and wellness brand called Buns & Gunz Training in 2017… which today is recognized as “B” & “G” Fit Club.

“This is more than just about sculpting nice glutes — it’s about helping people change their lives, to help them find strength they never knew they had. The greatest transformation to experience is when a client transcends both physically and mentally.”


Co-Founder & Owner

Graduating from Montclair State University with a degree
in Exercise Science/concentration of Strength and Conditioning, Brendan works with customers of all ages
and experience to improve their health and strength.
With a passion for athletic and sports performance,
he focuses on the importance of functional training
and takes the time to provide the education of the ‘why’ behind each movement to enhance their daily lives.

“Being a part of my clients fitness journeys and seeing them achieve the results they want is truly the best feelingin the world. Giving them the confidence not only in themselves but to always strive to be better.”



Personal Trainer/Life Coach

NASM certified Personal Trainer, NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor with specialties that range from dance fitness to kickboxing to yoga, and a graduate of the #1 accredited life coach training program for women, Inner Glow Circle. 

She is a believer in doing the thing that will challenge you most, then adding your own extra dash of spice that will keep you always striving for more. 

“I love to help my clients work as hard as they can on both movement and mindset and look forward to be their biggest cheerleader as they grow more than they ever thought they could.”

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Stephanie Chaux

Stephanie has been a personal trainer & nutrition coach for over 10 years making it her full time business to transform peoples lives through fitness and food. She studied Exercise Science at Montclair State University and received her diploma at the National Personal Training Institute in Lyndhurst.
Her own journey began as a high school athlete when she found a passion in exercise and movement. She wanted to share that with the world and has been on that mission since!
She has had her own physical transformation from being overweight, to underweight, to wanting to change her physique in the world of bodybuilding/powerlifting, then onto competing in Olympic Weight Lifting.
She is constantly challenging herself as well her clients. She believes in teaching her clients to find a form of movement that encourages them to be consistent & enjoy achieving their goals.
She loves teaching all forms of exercise from strength training, Pilates, running, hiit circuits, Muay Thai, yoga, etc. to find what works for her client’s goals and preferences.
In addition, Stephanie has a background in nutrition helping her client’s reach their goals through way of food. One of her main focus areas are in women’s health through healing of the gut and balancing of the hormones.
Stephanie truly has a passion in helping everyone live happier and healthier lives while getting people to fall in love with exercise.

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